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Keeping staff safe at work is important. One very practical way of creating a safe working environment is with signage. Signs can help prevent accidents by alerting people to potential hazards. For example, dangerous areas in a warehouse or workshop need floor markings and signage to alert staff to the risks posed in the vicinity. If there is heavy machinery in operation then health and safety precautions will need to be in place. Signs and notices have to be legally posted to let people know how to stay safe, so it is important to check which safety signs and labels you need at your business premises.

Making Staff Aware Of Hazards

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Making sure that hazards are clearly marked and that fire exits are easy to find is necessary if you want to conform to health and safety regulations. Properly considered signage will also be a requisite for most insurance companies to cover you, your staff and your business too. It doesn’t just have to be about rules or regulations though. It can be about promoting safety and making staff feel safe at work, which is important for staff wellbeing, amongst other things.

In addition to helping staff stay safe at work, signs can also encourage people to follow the rules. Company policies normally have some expectations around things like dress code, behaviour, fair treatment and showing respect to colleagues and customers. In this sense, signage can also be about presenting a company’s culture and values.

Protect Customers In Your Workplace Too

Workplace signage doesn’t just have to be about keeping staff safe. You may have customers visiting the premises, so if there are hazards inside or outside the building then a sign will be required to warn people of the obstacle. It’s one thing for your staff to learn the best way to navigate the workplace, but customers may not know that there are places in the space that may be out of bounds. Company signage is important in these situations to protect your visitors from being injured or potentially damaging your property. One crucial point to note is that appropriate signage may also protect you legally if something were to happen.

As with protecting your staff, there are regulations that state signs must be displayed for some business. For example you may have a food business, which will require you to have a food hygiene certificate that must be displayed to customers. It can also be a great opportunity to highlight something to a customer, such as a promotional offer or a piece of information about the company that may make someone more likely to use the service. 

In conclusion, signage in the workplace is vital to protect staff and customers. 4Site can help you work through what signs you will need to be compliant, and we can also advise you on some signs that may provide additional benefits in the workplace. Speak to us today for more information about our services.

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