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Lightbox Signage in Essex & London

We offer several different illuminated signage products including those that are designed for indoor use in reception areas and so on. That said, lightbox signage works particularly well outdoors but the fact is that you can deploy it anywhere you see fit – from shopping malls to housing development marketing suites. However, if you decide to use our lightbox visual marketing products, you will find that they provide an instant and eye-catching effect that draws people in.

Outdoor lightbox signage is usually wall-mounted such that it projects light outwards through a translucent and waterproof covering. Typically, they will be lit  by low energy LEDs which help to keep running costs down while offering a uniform level of light throughout the box. The fascia of the lightbox can be emblazoned with anything you like. You could opt for any message you prefer, such as promoting special offers, providing wayfinding information or even showing the times when your business is open.

Illuminate Your Shopfront of Business Premises

Lightbox signage is visible day and night. Of course, when it is dark or when light levels are low, lightboxes will pop out and be even more eye catching.  Illuminated lightboxes can be fitted almost anywhere to create a sense of arrival or for promotional advertising. They can be used in exactly the same way that you would use any other signage. e major difference, of course, is that the whole sign will light up.

Bear in mind that some lightboxes will have their back fixed to a wall. That said, you can also opt for lightboxes which are fitted on their side. This means that they stand proud of the surface to which they are fitted and will throw light out sideways through the front and the back of the box. These twin-faced lightboxes look superb on a high street because they are easily seen from further away.

In short, you don’t have to be facing the business premises they are promoting in order to see them. Illuminating your business premises with a single-sided lightbox and a double-sided one is quite common, giving you the opportunity to benefit from both types at once. This way, you will really make your business stand out!

4Site Implementation’s Lightbox Signage Design Services

Why not turn to 4site to come up with a design for you? Just tell us what you want your lightbox to say and how prominent you’d like your corporate logo to be and leave the rest to us. Our consultative approach means you’ll get a lightbox design that meets your commercial needs to the tee.

Why Choose 4Site For Your Lightbox Signage

With high-quality craftsmanship, an in-house design team and a truly professional installation service for businesses which need it, there is no better place to turn for modern and long-lasting lightbox signage in the UK. We offer a range of depths with our lightbox signage products and we can agree sizes to suit your needs. Remember that we have over a decade of experience in all aspects of visual marketing we can bring to bear with your lightbox signage project.

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