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Wall Graphics

If you think about the walls of your marketing suite, your offices, your boardroom, your reception area or your showroom for a moment, then you will soon realise just what a blank canvas they represent. Instead of leaving them in this state, deploying wall graphics to reinforce your brand messaging makes a great deal of sense.

Today, wall graphics have the ability to provide you with exactly the right blend of brand identity and promotional information to have a big impact – all for a relatively modest degree of expenditure. Find out how 4Site Implementation can help you to turn your walls into a marketing opportunity and why we are the right choice in so many regards.

How Do Wall Graphics Help With Effective Marketing?

Modern wall graphics look good, convey the right image and will continue to last even when they are exposed to sunlight all day long. As an experienced design and manufacturing firm that has made high-quality wall graphics for many years, we know what goes into successful visual marketing campaigns. We can work to your designs or come up with ones ourselves – the choice is yours – but our approach is always the same – to produce wall graphics that have the ‘wow factor‘.

In short, this means choosing wall graphics of the right type for the places where they will be installed. Some necessarily need to be bright, bold and attention-grabbing whereas other settings may require a more refined and sophisticated look. Of course, wall graphics are not all about reinforcing brand personalities, either. They can be just as useful when deployed to provide information, such as the layout of a building or directing people to the nearest point of assistance.

How Wall Graphics Will Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Overall, the most effective approach to contemporary wall graphics will often involve making use of a blend of images and text to grab the attention of anyone looking in their direction. The use of high-quality photographic imagery is now commonplace as are other forms of visual information, such as infographics.

Because wall graphics will be mounted in place for a considerable amount of time in most cases, they also need to have a timeless quality that will mean they don’t age prematurely. In this respect as with so many others, the team at 4Site can certainly help you to achieve your marketing goals with fantastically produced wall graphics and signage.

Good Reasons to Choose 4Site For Your Company’s Wall Graphics

At 4Site, we are extremely well-versed in all types of visual marketing, not just wall graphics. This means you can achieve a polished and coordinated look with all of your marketing materials with us. Anything from pull up banners to advertising hoardings and even external signage can be made with very similar specifications to your wall graphics for a look that is on message and on budget.

Since over 90 per cent of our marketing materials are made in-house, we can help you from the concept stage to the approval phase and onto the implementation stage. We even handle installation and disassembly work where necessary so there is no finer company to turn to.

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