Construction Site Hoarding Design

Construction Site Hoarding For Building Sites

There can be no doubt that quality site hoarding designs will have a great impact. They can sell your vision, spread your message and create a real buzz around any development or project. Here at 4Site, we specialise in innovative and stylish graphics panels for building and development sites amongst others. We use the very latest in technology to create truly amazing graphics in vast quantities, often at very short notice.

By offering a complete signage design & manufacture service, covering everything from site surveys to design, manufacturing to printing and even right through to the installation phase, we’re able to handle every site-specific requirement fully.

We highlight any potential hazards or downfalls, tackling them at the very beginning to ensure they’re not only addressed but overcome. This way, we can help to create successful construction site hoardings that have a real impact.

Construction Site Hoarding Printing & Design Service

Using the best equipment on the market means we’re able to create and install thousands of metres of quality construction hoardings throughout the UK. What’s more, we produce high-impact and stylish panels within agreed time frames, too.

Hoarding design was once overlooked as a “necessity” for construction sites during renovations but they’re actually a fantastic marketing tool, ideal for promoting the projects they surround whilst creating awareness of the company brand.

When there’s nothing to see at your construction site, we give your customers visuals in the form of quality printing and stylish advertising, utilising an often prime location with ample marketing opportunities; something that billboard advertisers would charge the highest premiums for.

A Specialist Site Hoarding Design Team

With 4Site, you’re choosing a quality site hoarding provider, trusted by some of the biggest brands in the UK. With our accomplished in-house team, we’re able to produce and install totally custom-designed ACM panels for construction sites, commercial exteriors, marketing suites and more.

We’ll not only help you create a fantastic promotional opportunity, but we’ll also help transform your development with on-site advertising that really works. From light-box graphics to motion sensor triggers, we have a number of creative options to help with interactivity.

Our innovative construction hoarding designs really will set your development apart from the rest, giving you that much-needed competitive edge and putting an otherwise dead space to much better use.

You’ll also be pleased to know that all our fitters are accredited with the latest health and safety requirements meaning your installation will be installed by the best and most knowledgeable team possible.

If you would like more information on our printed advertising hoarding services and just how we can help you, then contact us today. Our fantastic team – which covers everything including signage design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and disassembly – will be only too pleased to answer your question. In the meantime, however, let’s examine the benefits of construction site hoarding installation in a little more detail.

The Benefits Of Site Hoardings

Construction sites are everywhere nowadays. While they may be necessary to build office space, to construct new homes and of course, to improve local areas, there’s no getting around the fact that they’re a dangerous place for the public to be.

With this in mind, strong and durable solutions must be created in order to protect the public and reduce things like injury and theft. In addition, building site hoardings are something of a blank canvas onto which marketing messages can be placed. Therefore, the benefits of construction hoarding systems or printed site hoardings fall into two main categories. One is to divide areas and to restrict public access. The other is to boost brand awareness. Even better, they can do both in a cost-effective manner. Let’s deal with both types of benefits in turn.

How Do Site Hoardings Protect Building Sites?

Access is Possible While Trespassing Is Denied

Current regulations state that contractors must take reasonable steps to prevent any unauthorized access to a construction site. Within these regulations, however, it also states that there must be a system in place where controlled access is possible, say, for instance, via a security gate.

Construction site hoarding allows a checkpoint to be created, where workers and site visitors can have their ID checked and recorded, deliveries can be scheduled and the site managers know who’s on-site at all times.

Equipment Is Protected From Theft

Building hoardings not only keep trespassers and the public out but they also keep your equipment and materials more secure. With one or two securely gated entry points, theft can be greatly reduced. Your equipment and materials will stay exactly where they should be as thieves will find it nearly impossible to penetrate the hoardings. Moreover, thieves are often deterred at the mere sight of them.

Legal & Insurance Requirements Are Met

When it comes to construction sites, contractors are now obliged to plan a site and define its perimeters to fulfil current regulations. Construction hoardings make it clear where the boundaries are.

Public Access Is Clearly Prohibited

As opposed to merely marking a boundary that means access to your site is impossible, construction site hoardings are there to make it very clear to the public that access is prohibited. Whether you use printed site hoardings to convey a message to say so or simply utilise the sheer enormity of the hoardings themselves to convey this idea, site hoardings will make it very clear that public access is denied under all circumstances. You can read more about protecting the public on building sites here.

Safety Standards Are Met

Site hoardings were actually first adopted when the 1974 Health and Safety At Work Act was passed. Though they weren’t a mandatory feature back then, they did help all construction sites meet the requirements of the bill that stated the public should be protected from entering construction sites.

Many felt the old rules were ambiguous and thankfully the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations of 2007 cleared things up. These made construction hoardings a necessity when it came to site security and safety. Site hoardings are now considered to be an industry-standard measure.

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How Do Construction Site Hoardings Help With Brand Awareness?

Unrivalled Branding

The opportunity to use your site hoardings as a means of advertising is something you can’t ignore. Here at 4site Implementation, we specialise in advertising and promoting developments by cladding construction industry hoardings in our digitally printed, laminated 3mm ACM di-bond panels.

Branded Full-Building Wraps / Site Hoardings

When you want to make a splash, there are few better ways than ‘wrapping’ a site with suitable signage. Of course, in some urban developments, wrapping may be a requirement of the local authority to prevent unwarranted access and excessive dust, as well.

If so, then a building wrap can serve multiple purposes, including boosting a brand profile that investors, buyers and the general public can all easily recognise.

Bear in mind that such an approach, especially where custom-designed banners or ACM panels are used, not only creates a visual indication of your development’s brand and presence but it also sends the message that you are a high-quality organisation.

Visual Marketing

If you were to erect site hoardings around your development that simply point the way to your marketing suite, then you’d certainly be on the right track. That said, well-designed hoardings will have a signage design that offers much more than a way-finding experience for would-be buyers.

They should, of course, be put together in a way that matches the rest of your visual marketing identity. Emphatically, this does not mean simply including your corporate logo within the signage design – although this is a key thing to incorporate.

The construction site hoardings you commission should complement your brand recognition by being made with your exact corporate colours being replicated. Indeed, the typeface used and the overall design should precisely match the visual identity of your corporate website and the sales material that will be available at your marketing suite.

In other words, your visual marketing strategy should always be reinforced by site hoardings and never look like an afterthought or a pale reflection of your other marketing activities.

Site-Specific Advertising

Promotional hoardings are often less in-your-face than billboard adverts which have to conform to standard sizes and which are, generally speaking, designed to be viewed from a distance.

With tailored advertising hoardings that have been designed and manufactured to meet your particular requirements, they can be fitted in a site-specific manner.

This might mean that the hoardings have dimensions that will meet your site’s security fencing, for example, or so that they are designed to fit in with your office headquarters or sales marketing suite.

In short, billboard advertising is a one-size-fits-all solution whereas advertising hoardings for construction sites are tailored to work hand-in-glove with particular local circumstances.

Why Invest in Bespoke Site Hoardings?

Site hoardings are initially brought onto any construction site in order to hide the rather unsightly image of construction taking place. While they are important in a practical sense, they’re also a great opportunity to provide yourself with free advertising space in an amazing location. Hoardings are usually placed in order to keep pedestrians and cars out of the site, which means there’s inevitably going to be traffic nearby.

That’s potentially (dependent on the area) thousands of possible clients that could be seeing your advertisements every single day. Hoardings can prove to be an impressive sight and can be very visually appealing when designed right.

It’s worth spending time and a little more of your budget on creating site hoardings and working with a company that will showcase your brand at its finest. Increasing your brand awareness during the entire phase of construction will only lend itself to more interest. More interest means more potential clients looking at your development and subsequently, more sales further down the line.

Does your construction site have scaffolding around it? Will you be using building wraps? Then why not make the most of it and have branded building wraps. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring more attention to your brand and company, ultimately increasing sales. The majority of construction sites have large perimeters and are enclosed by temporary fencing or scaffolding.

These are perfect opportunities to place building wraps, which will be visible to everyone that passes by. Considering the fact that you’re often required to use building wraps on fences on most construction sites in order to limit debris and dust, it’s a great idea to forgo the cheaper option of plain cloth and make your building wraps work for you.

You may spend a little more with branded building wraps but the monetary value you’ll see in the long run, through increased sales, will be more than worth it. With people checking out your banners and branding every time they walk past, that’s an opportunity for brand awareness to increase continually.

Increase Sales With Coordinating Signage and Building Site Hoardings

From your marketing suite to the construction site itself, signage is a must. Take safety signs as an example; they’re required by law. Why not use this opportunity to increase your brand awareness with safety signs marked with your logo?

Adding your branding onto signs not only makes them look more professional but also makes your company look more professional and more reputable as a result.

Customers are much more likely to buy from a company they feel are proficient in every area, paying attention to even the smallest of details shows you’ll be doing the same in every area of your development.

After all, coordinated construction hoardings are an awesome way to advertise and bring in, if you’ll pardon the pun, hordes of new sales leads. Construction hoardings have been an integral part of the build process for years, but they’ve become an increasingly vital part of marketing strategies in recent times, too. Clients’ expectations have advanced. Whereas a construction site hoarding might have once been seen as a large security fence, it is now viewed by many as a grand-scale communication medium and hugely impactful form of advertising.

Compare the return on investment of renting a 48-sheet poster site for 12 weeks with the cost of a site hoarding and you will see that hoarding is up to 7 times better value for money than billboard advertising. And that’s just over 12 weeks. Through the course of a typical build programme, the numbers get even more compelling.

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Why Choose 4Site Implementation For Construction Hoardings?

We Can Design Any Shape or Sized Building Hoarding

There is no end to what we can do at 4site, we can help create anything from a beautifully landscaped pathway to your marketing suite or even an eye-catching signage design. With our experience and knowledge, it’s no surprise we’ve become the go-to signage company for hoardings in the UK.

Experience With Architectural Signage and All Types of Building Hoardings

Quality hoarding design has an immediate impact and there is no getting away from it as it is in your potential customer’s face whether they like it or not. Unlike social media, it can’t be switched off or filtered out. The consumer has no control as they will see it which means getting your message on to your hoarding is more important than ever. Getting the message right with architectural signage can ensure your campaign has much more impact than it would via other methods. Instead of your message getting lost in the noise of other adverts, quality design and installation from 4site will ensure it stands out; big, bold and with a visible message for all to see.

Reach Your Target Audiences Better

A construction hoarding is the perfect advertising method for those wanting to immediately reach a much broader – or even a more localised – target audience in a cost-effective way. Advertising outdoors in this way, whether it’s simply to tidy up your construction site or to direct consumers through to your marketing suites via a certain path, gives you access to consumers that could otherwise prove difficult to reach. Immediately reach everyone from commuters, visitors to the area, locals and those not currently on the market looking to buy with hoardings cleverly designed and installed by 4site.

Hoardings With a Proven Track Record

Research has proven hoardings to be one of the most welcomed methods of advertising. In fact, research has shown signage and hoarding to be one of the most quoted ‘sources’ of sales leads in the construction industry. It’s always welcomed and relevant which says to us that it constitutes money well spent as it will drive visitors to your development.

In this day and age, opting for one simple advertising route just isn’t enough. You need to consider a variety of options to ensure they all complement each other, offering a seamless customer journey. Construction hoardings work well with other advertising channels to ensure greater brand recognition, to act as a reminder of the available product and for directional purposes.

Here at 4Site Implementation, we’ve worked with a huge range of clients, providing hoardings for marketing suites, construction sites and more. Working for our client Weston Homes at Fletton Quays in Peterborough, our lead designer said, “I had so much fun working with an amazing commercial space to create a beautiful marketing suite and one that we are very proud of. The hoardings and illuminated signage (designed to make an impact on the customer journey) were installed by our in-house team, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome.”

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Creating additional brand awareness and increasing sales isn’t something that will happen overnight. It’s a process that takes time but with the right site hoardings, the best signage design and building wraps, it’s a journey your company will complete with ease. For information on branded site hoardings and how we can help you, call on 01268 540 081 or use our email [email protected].

4site Implementation are a fantastic company and are a pleasure to work with. No job is ever too small or too big and always completed impeccably.

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