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Among the most popular materials used for temporary signage today, Foamex material is rigid, weatherproof and lightweight. This means that they are often chosen by estate agents and housebuilders to advertise when a property is available to let or has been put on the market for sale. Cut to a predetermined size of your choosing, Foamex can be used in just about any setting you like without requiring much maintenance.

At 4Site Implementation, we have years of experience dealing with this versatile material and can help you to obtain the right sort of signage for your particular requirements. Whether you run an estate agency and want ‘for sale’ boards for all of the properties you are marketing or simply want some signs outside of your business to advertise it is under new management , our team will help you to choose the right sort of Foamex signage for the job.

Make a Visual Impact With 4Site’s Foam Board Signage Designs and Styles

One of the key points about using Foamex signage is that they are eye-catching and draw attention to a building  . With the right sort of dynamic design and use of colour, Foamex can punch above its weight and provide a great deal of impact when passers-by notice it. Boards made from Foamex are normally used as a temporary solution which means that they do not fade or look tatty as they are up for short periods of time. They provide great visual impact for months.

The Benefits of Foamex Signage For Property Marketing

With the right sort of design, the economic benefits of marketing with Foamex signs are clear. Providing simple advertising messages exactly where you need it can lead to an upturn in customer numbers and boost revenues. What’s more, we can produce them at a lower cost than other types of signage. After all, Foamex is relatively inexpensive even when it is printed with multiple colours. Foamex signage can be made without a frame because the material is structurally sound to begin with and it can be installed quickly and easily without the need for specialist tooling.

This means that Foamex signage is more often  preferred for marketing properties as a temporary solution. They can be mounted flush to a wall or attached to a post with ease. Indeed, changing a board’s status – for example, from ‘for sale’ to ‘sold’ – only takes a moment or two which means that this material is justifiably often seen as the most efficient choice.

Why Choose 4Site For Foamex Boards?

With an in-house design team that deals directly with our own visual marketing product manufacturers, there is no better choice than 4Site Implementation for all of your Foamex board requirements. We can help you to discover all of the marketing potential of this highly adaptable material and will be only too pleased to discuss how to best deliver your project or how we can outperform your current supplier.

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