Swing Board & Pavement Signage

Swing Board & Pavement Signage

What makes swing boards distinct from many other forms of visual marketing is that they are designed for temporary yet everyday use. In other words, they can be deployed on the pavement – usually, directly outside of the business they are promoting – during trading hours and then taken in at the end of the day. This form of visual marketing helps to get the attention of passers-by, enables them to immediately see whether you are open for business and means your enterprise is noticeable from more than one angle.

Because of the way they are deployed outside of a shopfront or industrial unit, pavement signage will stand proud of the commercial premises they represent. This means, for example, that they can be seen by anyone approaching from any side. This form of visual marketing can be used in very simple ways – to reinforce the brand identity, for example – but it can also be utilised for other projects, such as one-off events, special promotions or even to promote the opening of a new business.

What Makes Swing Boards Stand Out as Pavement Signage Today?

Swing boards are self-supporting visual marketing tools that will sway in any breeze that comes their way. This movement helps to make them more eye-catching to pedestrians and passing motorists because mobile objects tend to appear that bit more dynamic. Of course, when strident colour schemes with a high level of visual impact are chosen, this effect can be even more compelling. 

This form of pavement signage should be free-standing so that it can be moved into the best position possible with ease. Whether they are used for direct brand promotion or to provide more detailed information – such as special offers, menus, opening hours or delivery options, for example – being able to arrange them freely is a big advantage. After all, this is something that is not possible with fixed hoardings, for instance.

Using Swing Boards to Market Your Business

Swing boards are useful items to have within your company’s toolkit of visual marketing options. They can be set up outside or adjacent to your business premises so that the visual impact of your enterprise gains a significant boost. Alternatively, you might use them in a public place with a heavy footfall to direct people to your business if you happen to occupy an out-of-the-way location.

Some people use such pavement signage for direct advertising purposes but you can also make use of them to provide information about your business, such as where you have relocated to, for example. Designed well, swing boards will function perfectly whatever the weather and provide a long-lasting display that will provide value for many years.

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