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Strut cards constitute an eye-catching way to get people’s attention in a specific location. They are lightweight and relatively inexpensive compared to more permanent forms of signage. This means that they can be redeployed with ease, so you get a great deal of flexibility from them.

This is something that has often been needed during the Covid-19 pandemic as rules have changed, easements have been brought in and further restrictions applied in some areas. For businesses, strut cards offer numerous benefits in helping them to operate safely – whilst also providing a handy marketing opportunity – during the healthcare crisis. What are their main advantages?

Safe Spacing Information

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A strut card can be placed on a desk, a retail counter or a bar and offer straightforward information about whether the space can be used or not. This is great in offices, for example, where you might have every second workstation taken out of action temporarily as people return to work while other workers stay at home.

In bars and pubs, one or two strut cards can help you to maintain social distancing at the bar or even be deployed to show which seating areas are unavailable or reserved. This not only helps people to keep to social distancing rules but offers them a sense of reassurance that others will understand how to keep to a safe distance, too.

Digital Check-Ins

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Lots of workplaces and retail businesses use digital check-ins nowadays to track who is at a business site. Bear in mind that strut cards can be printed so they include your barcode, reference number or QR code so that people can check-in with their digital device by scanning or entering the right number.

This helps to maintain a digital database of who has entered a building and when they have checked out in a totally hands-free way. This is quicker and easier than manually noting down who has come and gone by asking your receptionist, for example, to keep track of everybody as they come and go at your business premises.

Calls to Action

Strut cards can offer written and symbolic information wherever they are placed. Perhaps you want to show that service is unavailable from a given location but a large arrow on your strut card could be used to indicate where service can actually be obtained from.

You might also use a call to action, such as informing people that they need to wash their hands or to open a window to provide better ventilation if they want to use a particular workspace. Equally, your strut cards could be utilised to market your website, app or contactless payment system. This is especially useful for businesses that want people to switch to online purchases so there is less face-to-face interaction at the point of sale.

At 4Site Implementation, we design and manufacture high-quality strut cards for a wide range of business uses. Why not make an enquiry today to see how our strut card designs can make a difference to your business in both the pandemic and post-pandemic world?

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