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What Are the Best Material to Use for Construction Site Hoardings?

Here at 4Site Implementation, we have the necessary know-how in construction site hoardings to make a big impact. We make use of the leading equipment on the market. As a result, we are able to produce and install thousands of metres of high-quality construction site hoardings for locations throughout the length and breadth of the UK. Even better, we make high-impact hoarding panels to bespoke designs within the agreed time frame. As such, you can turn to us with complete confidence in stylish and practical construction site hoardings for large housing developments and smaller renovation projects, alike.

As experts in modern construction site hoardings, we are often asked to come up with winning designs and for advice on which materials to use. Read on to find out more about our approach to hoarding materials but, first, it will be a good idea to look into the various functions contemporary construction site hoardings need to fulfil.

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The Role of Construction Site Hoardings

To begin with, building site hoardings are not merely a necessity from a health and safety perspective. They help to keep the public safe from construction sites, of course, but they also reduce noise and dust. As such, they help promote better relations with neighbours and an improved image for the construction industry as a whole. Typically, hoardings help site managers to meet their legal duties under the Construction Design and Management Regulations as well as the Health and Safety at Work Act as well as HSE’s specific guidelines for the construction sector.

Furthermore, good construction site hoarding designs add value to developers. They can explain what a project is for and why it will benefit locals by stimulating the economy, for example, in the case of commercial developments. When houses are being built, hoardings act in the role of promoting marketing activities even before the homes have finished being built contributing to off-spec sales. Even when there is no health and safety requirement for hoardings to seal off a development, continuing to use them can function as low-cost advertising.

Therefore, if you work in the construction sector and want to get the best out of hoardings from both a safety and a promotional point of view, what sort of materials would be best suited? This will depend on your commercial priorities and is something we can discuss with you depending on the site location and scope of the construction project involved.


Steel Hoardings

One of the most popular choices for larger sites is steel hoardings. They offer rigidity and are almost impossible to climb under or over making them suited to high-value sites or areas where expensive equipment might be left overnight. What’s more, this option is compatible with mesh hoardings so you can obtain a combination of different effects if wanted.

Steel is available in a range of different base colours, too. This is a good thing to know if you will want it to match your corporate livery at some point. Marketing material and way-finding signage can be added to steel hoardings by us. However, if you want something plain to begin with that perhaps only includes health and safety information for construction workers, then this can be accommodated with steel hoardings.

One of the reasons that steel is often chosen by developers is that it can be redeployed at different sites. If you have a housebuilding project in one part of the country, for example, then steel hoardings might be in place for a year or so. On completion, you can also dismantle it and place it into storage without any issues. Because it is designed for outdoor use, placing it in a yard until it is needed again is perfectly possible. This means steel hoardings can have a very long lifespan. As a result, the initial outlay for this sort of hoarding can be spread out over a decade or more of continual usage.

Timber Hoardings

We do a lot of work with timber construction site hoardings at 4Site. Typically fixed with post mountings, they are suitable for all types of sites, large and small. They are just as good in rural locations as they are in urban ones and can be painted to the exact RAL specifications. This means that they are highly versatile and particularly suited to longer-term projects where a good-looking installation will need to be in place for some time. What’s more, they are particularly effective at dampening the noise of construction equipment.

Another key thing to consider about timber hoardings is that they can be made to fit any unusual shapes or angles. This is useful to know if your hoardings will need to go up and down kerbs, for example, or if the site you are working on is on a slope where excavations are taking place. If you need one section of the perimeter to be higher than others, perhaps because of a slope or a nearby tall building, then it is relatively straightforward to make these sorts of adjustments with timber site hoardings.

Because they’re so often site-specific, timber hoardings are usually only in situ in one location and won’t be redeployed. However, they are superb as marketing tools, offering a high level of visual impact from day one that can be ramped up once marketing suites and so on are added to sites.

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Mesh Hoardings

Offering a cost-effective solution, mesh hoardings are ideal for smaller sites and situations where little high-value equipment will be left on site. Although mesh hoardings prevent unauthorised access, they won’t prevent dust or noise from escaping a site. Nevertheless, they can have a big visual impact with the addition of mesh banners. We design and manufacture mesh banners for construction companies in a range of materials including PVC. By attaching banners to mesh barriers, they can provide site privacy while also offering a handy way-finding function, for example, by directing visitors to the site office or potential buyers to your marketing suite.

Hoarding Design Services On Offer From 4site

Want to learn more about our unbeatable array of construction site hoardings and how 4Site’s design services can make such a difference? If so, contact us today on 01268 540 081[email protected].

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