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The importance of a good marketing suite design

Here at 4Site Implementation, we offer high-quality marketing suite services throughout the entire country. Typically, our clients will produce a design brief which we will work on – adding design ideas of our own or sticking to the predetermined plan. Either way, we install marketing suites that function in a variety of ways including one of the most important aspects of visual marketing at all, namely creating a resounding first impression. As designers and installers of modern marketing suites, our approach can be leveraged in numerous sectors including the housebuilding industry in which we have a particular level of expertise.

Feel free to make an enquiry with us to discuss your marketing suite ideas right now. Alternatively, read on to find out more about how our marketing suite design experience will allow your firm to create the sort of favourable first impression that will make a difference to its bottom line. After all, first impressions can make such a big impact on the number of leads you will be able to convert into sales. Here’s a summary of what we do in marketing suite design and why our processes are likely to be of benefit to your firm’s profitability.

Marketing suite

Initial Impact

Usually, marketing suites are approached from the outside. Many of the ones we have designed and constructed over the years occupy temporary structures. However, we design them in such a way that makes them appear to be permanent, strong and dependable. In short, the exterior look has to do just as a favourable job in creating a good impression as the inside. This will mean coordinating with exterior signage or hoardings as well as making careful use of lighting, particularly effective if marketing suites will be used in the evening, of course.

We can deal with access issues, as well. For example, if your marketing suite has stepped access from the front but you also want a second entrance for stepless access, then our design will be able to accommodate this. We can also design separate entrances for staff and would-be customers, if wanted, too. This way, the first impression clients get will always be the one you want them to have.

Generate a Professional Ambience

Inside our marketing suites, we work hard on design aesthetics that promote the right sort of atmosphere. Although some of our clients prefer a less formal atmosphere than others, the point is to always make marketing suites professionally run places that are fit for purpose. In other words, the first impression a potential customer should get on entering one of our marketing suites is that they know exactly where they are and the purpose of the design. This should be so intertwined into the fabric of the suite that it is completely intuitive.

For example, informality can be maintained with displays that double as meeting zones, somewhere where marketing material can be shown and contracts can be signed. Visitors should also have sufficient space to enter a marketing suite without immediately coming face-to-face with sales reps so they don’t feel pressured. That said, good designs will mean that your sales team is always close enough to get involved at opportune moments.

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Tell a Customer Story

In many ways, creating a good first impression is like reading the first paragraph or even the first line of an engaging story. Many of our marketing suite design briefs will focus on the customer story so that people can see themselves in it. Typical examples of marketing suite storytelling involve the narrative of how the development came about and why it is as it is. 

The point of visual storytelling with information boards and Window Graphics is to portray potential customers on a journey which, ultimately, leads to them making a lifestyle choice and a purchase. Marketing suite designs can do this in many ways, some of them quite subtle. The crucial thing to take on board about marketing through storytelling is that the positive aspects of making progress through the story will be highlighted.

Marketing Suites

Think About the Wider Picture

If marketing suites can support lifestyle choices through selling narratives, then they must also take into account the wide range of lifestyle aspirations different clients have. Some firms, for example, will want marketing suites that focus on individual aspirations while others will need to take into account a wider perspective. For example, when marketing to families and couples, there should be something to keep kids interested and entertained. 

Take one of our case studies as an example. When we were asked to design and construct a marketing suite for Beaulieu in Chelmsford, integrated play areas needed to be included. Our consultative approach with our client meant that kids were made to feel at home in the marketing suite, allowing parents more space to consider the wider marketing material on offer. Equally, children gained a good first impression, too, which meant they were more likely to be positive about a potential move to the development.

Be Brand Consistent

With brand consistency at the forefront of everything we do with visual marketing, creating a good first impression also means being able to deliver repeatable messages. If you want your marketing suite in London to create the same impression as those in Cardiff, Newcastle or Norwich, then our approach to design will certainly suit you. Note that to achieve brand consistent results, marketing suites do not have to be exactly the same or monotone in their approach. They just need to include the same instantly recognisable visual elements, something that we can produce for you in abundance.

Marketing Suites

Design, Deliver, Repeat

We work hard to develop our commercial relationships with our valued clients. Therefore, our approach to marketing suite design work and how to make a favourable initial impression is always under review. In other words, we will adapt our approach to meet your needs as they change. This way, we can prove ourselves in what is a competitive sector, offer reliable results and – perhaps most importantly of all – continue to offer consistent results time and again.

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