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Site hoardings are the sort of thing that many people associate with building sites. This is quite understandable when you consider how the construction industry uses them. Firstly, they provide a marketing opportunity to build brand awareness of a particular development. There again, they create a physical barrier that keeps members of the public out of the way of the construction site itself, helping to ensure the safety of all.

Furthermore, site hoardings may also help to prevent excessive noise from building works from annoying neighbours. Indeed, they may also serve the purpose of trapping dust and grime – an inevitable consequence of construction work – so that not too much of it escapes into the local environment

Site Hoarding

However, it is not just the construction industry that can benefit from the various roles that modern site hoardings offer. For example, many renewable energy sites will also make use of site hoardings these days, too.

Where solar farms and wind turbines are installed, it is often important to keep people out for their own safety – just like a building site. However, promoting the clean energy that is being produced is still important. Rather than simply fencing the area off, contemporary site hoarding products can be fitted which make use of information displays and images to keep the area clear of trespassers while also explaining what is going on inside.

There is a similar trend for site hoardings in modern sports venues, too, these days. Of course, in the wider leisure industry, there is rarely any safety requirement to keep people out as there might be with an electrical generating plant or a building site. However, there could be a good commercial reason for doing so.

Put simply, sports venues which can be overlooked will often make use of site hoarding to block lines of sight and encourage more people to purchase tickets to watch games. As well as fencing off the area, the site hoardings can be used to promote the team, direct people to their nearest way in and even highlight community projects that might be going on.

Site Hoardings

In other industries, there may be a security concern that means a physical barrier needs to be put up around the perimeter of the property. Schools and even some university campuses might fall into this category as well as sectors where privacy needs to be maintained against commercial competitors.

Of course, erecting bland security fencing is a simple way of keeping unauthorised people out of such premises. However, it does not offer any of the visual marketing and brand promotion opportunities that site hoarding does.

In fact, site hoarding can have an impact in virtually any sector if it is deployed with skill. This is especially the case when there are temporary works going on that will necessitate an area being out of bounds for a while.

Proper site hoarding will be an effective way of keeping people safe while maintaining privacy and offering the chance to decorate it with  some  eye-catching imagery and messaging. e experts at 4Site Implementation today?

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