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The three national lockdowns the UK has faced so far – let alone the various, and often confusing, rules that have had to be followed in the regional tiered arrangements – have led many members of the public not knowing which businesses are open and, if so, when. Of course, in a public healthcare emergency, it is not always possible to make it easy for everyone to understand every single nuance of each and every rule.

That is what businesses need to be savvy with their marketing messages. Keeping it simple if you are still open is the key to success, something that the creative team at 4Site Implementation can help you with at every step of the way.

PVC & Mesh Banners

Building Wraps

One of the best ways to make an eye-catching statement is to use your entire premises to let people know that you are open. PVC & mesh banners do exactly this by creating an entirely new visual presence for your business premises. Any enterprise which operates anywhere close to where people are passing by will benefit from this punchy approach to visual marketing.

Nothing says, ‘we’re open’ more than a distinctive visual change. Both PVC and mesh banners are often used by property developers during a change-of-use project but the fact is that any company that needs a footfall of customers to continue operating profitably can benefit from them. 

Vehicle Livery


In a socially distanced world, the visual marketing opportunities afforded from a fleet of delivery vehicles should not be underestimated. At 4Site, we can provide you with a new approach to vehicle livery design that is consistent with your usual brand messaging while highlighting the important fact that you are still available to take orders, whether online or in-person, and to ensure that everyone who sees your fleet out and about will get the right message.

Window Signage

Union Wharf Window Graphics

Perhaps you are open for business but customers still don’t realise they can enter your premises. If so, window signage that makes it more obvious you are continuing to trade will make a huge difference, especially if trading hours have altered. Showrooms, marketing suites and retail outlets can all benefit from some temporarily deployed window signage that makes the public feel safer and better informed.

You don’t only have to let people know you are open for business, of course, but to reassure them of your Covid-secure status and any important limitations you may have in place, such as customer numbers or gaps that need to be maintained. In this regard, our strut cards and floor stickers can also help people to stick to the rules and feel safer as they continue to access your services.

With an in-house team of expert designers, 4Site Implementation is here to come up with a winning proposal that we can then turn into a reality for any business that wants to ensure it continues to thrive in a post-lockdown world. Our multidisciplinary approach covers all aspects of visual marketing production. Why not ask us how we can help to get the message out that your enterprise continues to trade?

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