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For some businesses, site hoarding is nothing more than an opportunity to promote their brand. When you see a hoarding on the side of a typical building site, for example, it will often display the name of the developer and their logo and little else. That’s fine if that is all that is wanted for a particular location. However, site hoarding can do so much more than merely advertise a brand name. What can marketing professionals do to get the most out of their site hoardings and to gain more commercial benefits from them?

Invest in the Best

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Hoardings were once frequently viewed as something of a necessity where a physical barrier needed to be put in place between a public area and a closed-off one. Primarily designed for security reasons and to help  keep dust inside and to minimise noise pollution, using them for marketing was historically a secondary consideration. This is no longer the case among forward-thinking businesses, however. Many companies -those in the construction sector and outside of it – see site hoardings as a fantastic marketing tool, ideal for promoting a range of different projects as well as promoting core brand ideals.

By making use of the best equipment on the market from leading suppliers, 4Site Implementation can provide high-quality hoardings anywhere in the entire country. Our products will look just as good when they are covering a distance of a few metres to several kilometres, meaning that businesses operating in multi-site operations will get the same high–impact and stylish hoarding panels delivering either tailored or uniform marketing messages wherever they are needed. What’s more, we can supply and install  top-quality hoardings within agreed time frames.

Achieve Dynamic & Eye-Catching Looks

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As well as looking good and offering a long functional life once they’re installed, the site hoarding installations on offer from 4Site provide would-be customers with on-message visuals that will replicate the look of a stylish advertisement while keeping within brand guidelines. Whether this is down to the print quality of lettering or the colour tones used in the reproduction of photographs at scale, what you can achieve with modern site hoarding designs nowadays is truly remarkable.

You can go further, too. Given a hoarding that might be placed in a prime location with a heavy footfall, it might be beneficial to integrate lighting or even digital displays into the very fabric of the hoarding itself. These are things that businesses that buy billboard advertising would pay the highest premiums for. If you can obtain the same thing for a fraction of the cost using your own hoardings, then you’d have to ask yourself why not?

In the end, the sky’s the limit with modern site hoarding designs whether you want to promote your own brand or sell space on your hoardings to other businesses in the locality. Given our design team’s extensive experience in this form of visual marketing, we’d be only too pleased to discuss your ideas and to scope out a business proposal for you. Bear in mind that we produce our own hoardings to agreed designs in-house at 4Site Implementation, so we’re never delayed by sub-contractors or third parties.

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