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Why Is Signage Important For Businesses in 2020?

We see signage design around us every single day. It’s probably fair to say it’s an essential part of life. Whether we’re driving down the street or going out for your daily walk; you’re guaranteed to come across a huge array of signage. This helps with exposure to your brand or products which in turn will help to increase your sales!

What is Signage Design?

So how do we define signage exactly? Signage can be defined as any kind of graphic display that has the intention of conveying information to an audience.

Typically, signage tends to serve a handful of common agendas. They are to promote, to identify, to provide information, to give directions or to raise safety awareness.

Here at 4site, we design and manufacture a multitude of different signs. Having done so for a number of years, here’s our guide giving you everything you need to know.


What Is The Purpose of Signage & How To Utilise It? 

When it comes to our bespoke design services, whether it’s site hoardings or building wraps, there are few particular areas that we focus on. Generally speaking, good design will help to drive new customers to your business and raise brand awareness. We would need to answer the questions below to help us get the most out of your signage.

1. Identify Your Marketing Goal

First and foremost we must focus on what it is you’re trying to achieve through signage. This can be a myriad of things, from creating further brand awareness to letting the audience in on the products and services you have to offer. By establishing your main goal, we can then begin the process of designing your signage.

marketing goals

2. What’s Your Message or Slogan?

Not before however, finding out what your signage needs to say. When it comes to signage, as with most things in life, less is more. Keeping it simple is always best and that’s the case for brand elements too.

Whether we’re talking safety signage or architectural signs, our advice is to utilize only 2-3 of the following brand elements from logo to service, phone number to website address etc. It’s important not to water down your message with too much information as it could mean your audience simply passing you by.

3. Who Is Your Target Market?

Once the message has been established, it’s important to figure out who you want it to say to. Establishing a target market is essential for the simple fact that if you try to reach everyone, you’ll appeal to no one. Ask yourself, how does your target market think? What are their needs? Why do they want your products? By figuring out what influences them will help you (and our team of course) to make the right style decision and message.

4. Where Is Your Signage Going To Be Placed?

Last but not least, ask yourself where is it going? Will your signage be set against building site hoardings or building wraps? Will it be safety signage adorning the interior walls of your office space? Obviously, the location of the signage will determine the size and therefore determine the design, ensuring it can be read and seen from every distance.

Will it be viewed from foot traffic or passing vehicles? Will it be seen from surrounding local businesses? Will it be seen by staff only? All of these questions and more, help us to create the most creative and the most effective signage designs possible and that’s what we do for our clients, each and every time.

site hoarding

Signage covers a whole variety of different signs from site hoardings to safety signage and more. While they’re all very different, they all have one thing in common and that’s their importance to your overall site presentation. Quality signage design is paramount which is why many choose our expert team to create bespoke designs in-house.

Property Marketing An Example of Signage Design

Property marketing often means attracting passers-by and people who already live in the area of a development just as much as it requires online activities and reaching potential buyers through the press. Of course, a well-designed marketing suite can help in this regard no end.

However, at 4site Implementation, we know that this is not enough on its own and that professionally designed signage also has a big role to play, too. Of course, signage works in a number of positive ways. It can function as advertising, provide information and point visitors in the right direction.

That said, there is more to it than even professional property marketing executives often think about. This is where our expertise comes in.

Signage Design

Unified Marketing Messages

A business which is highly experienced in serving the needs of housing developers – like 4site Implementation, of course – will be able to ensure that the design of signage is uniform across the board.

This means that whether a would-be buyer is looking at a hoarding, a building wrap, an architectural sign or even safety signage that they recognise it and respond accordingly. 

This does not simply mean that the developer’s company logo is thrown in somewhere to provide something recognizable but that the whole design is built around the brand. Sometimes, of course, subtle differences between different developments and even phases within them will want to be conveyed.

Skilled designers will be able to accommodate this requirement without impinging on the overall uniformity of the marketing messages concerned.

Architectural Signs

Designing & Manufacturing Signage

Some professionals in signage design do a perfectly good job at the design stage but fail when it comes to turning their creative ideas into reality. This is where a business like 4site Implementation provides developers with such a big advantage in property marketing.


Because we offer a design and build service that oversees every stage of the process from an initial consultation, to a design proposal, to signage manufacturing, to quality control processes and, finally, to the professional installation of the signage itself. This way, the agreed design for your signage will meet your expectations when it is actually in situ and being viewed by your clientele.

Of course, this approach means being able to respond very rapidly, too, something that may be needed if your development has gone from the building phase to the marketing one sooner than expected.

Marketing Suite

Finding the Right Opportunities

Some developers have a very clear idea of how and where signage ought to be deployed on their site. This is fine, of course. However, many marketing teams can take advantage of our design process which also includes site surveys.

Yes, we will make high-quality signage that conforms to your branding guidelines, but our professional team may also be able to spot locations and other opportunities for it to be installed that may be more effective than you had previously considered.

Not all signage design companies offer this sort of service and it is well worth weighing up before you choose to stick with your current supplier.

Rebranding Your Business An Example of Signage Design

It’s always a good idea to carry out a periodic review of any business. You should review your company objectively in order to identify areas of growth along with areas where challenges are being seen.

It’s during these periodic reviews where one can identify stale growth. If you’ve identified such areas, it may be time to consider rebranding.

Rebranding Your Signage

One of the most cost-effective ways to rebrand is through updating signage. Despite the powerful world of social media and digital marketing, the right sign in the right place is still, very much one of the most effective strategies.

Rebranding through your signage can aid in boosting brand identity as well as increase interest, foot traffic and even sales. Just take a look at Burger King.

The Benefits Of Good Signage

A study carried out after their last major rebranding through signage highlighted almost a third of people only became aware of their new restaurants when they’d actually walked/driven passed it.

This dramatic change also found an increase in customers of around 10-15%. Whether it’s attracting a new demographic entirely or just reminding your current clients of your presence, rebranding can make a huge impact.

Rebrand With Signage Design

Where To Start With Rebranding And Signage Design

Once you’ve established how you want your company represented and what your message is, it’s time to look at signage design. By working with our designers, you can address both exterior and interior signage with professional design and branding experience.

Exterior Signage

Many begin their rebrand by working on their exterior building sign design. Look at the type of font or lettering you’ve used and consider making an obvious change. For instance, if you’ve always used dimensional letters, consider the use of channel letters.

From architectural signs to building signs and wraps and even dimensional signs, there are countless ways to make a significant change and have customers notice you. Our designers will use their knowledge and experience to design the perfect exterior signage that not only represents your company in this new era but also portrays your message with clarity.

Interior Signage

To move in line with your exterior signage rebranding, your interior signage will need to follow in its footsteps. Our signage branders will ensure the overall vision is both engaging and works in line with the exterior signage.

The options for interior signage are numerous too, giving you plenty of room to experiment with the help of our designers. Think 3D and dimensional signs, window graphics, display logos and more.

Our interior signage design will also aid in directing your customers where you want them to go, which is ultimately the sales funnel.

The Benefits Of Professional Signage Design

Any signage, be it outdoor or indoor, will represent your business. Signs will either make a good impression on passersby, drawing them into your store or marketing suite, or stop them from entering. Ensuring your signwriting is professionally carried out, from design to finish and installation is therefore paramount.

Utilising the talents of a professional signwriter  can be one of the best marketing tools out there, allowing you to showcase your company and all it has to offer. Here are just some of the reasons clients turn to ourselves at 4site Implementation for their signwriting requirements time and again.

Signage Design

Get Your Message Across Accurately

Potential customers will gain information from your signage but looking at not only what it says but how it says it, how it’s positioned as well as the quality of the materials used. Professional signage will represent your mission and values far more accurately, allowing passersby to get a much better idea of just who you are, stet what you have to offer. Professionally designed and manufactured signage will ensure that the first impression is a great one.

Increase Brand Awareness

By hiring a professional signwriter, you can enjoy uniformity throughout all of your signage. From the signage above your shop front to the fire safety signs throughout the store and more; all can be branded to help increase brand awareness throughout. While outdoor signage is of course important, don’t discount the power of indoor signage and graphics and its ability to represent your brand.

Professional Design

While you may have an idea of what it is you want, putting pen to paper can be another matter entirely. Having the help of a professional designer however, will give you access to design ideas that you may have never considered.

Signage Design & Manufacture

Signage Design Services On Offer From 4site

If you’re looking for an established and professional signwriter in Essex and beyond, 4site Implementation can help. Our designers create all types of  signage design from safety signage to architectural designs. We also offer site hoardings and building wraps, all of which we not only help design but manufacture and install thanks to our amazing in-house teams.

Our signage designs cater to outdoor signage and indoor signage and graphics, ensuring your branding is on point throughout your entire site. For more information on our services, feel free to browse our gallery online or better still, contact us today on 01268 540 081 / [email protected].

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