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Why Should You Keep Marketing During COVID-19

The coronavirus is here and while we may be beginning to see a definite flattening of the curve, it’s likely that it won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. Coming along for the ride will of course be the new way in which we’ve found ourselves living – 2 metres apart from anyone who doesn’t reside in our own household.

Despite this being a truly difficult time for most, it goes without saying that we shouldn’t be shying away from discussing business right now. In fact, more now than ever, we need to focus our strengths on marketing and how it needs to change during this global pandemic and that’s exactly what we intend to help you with at 4site.

Here at 4site Implementation, we’ve an array of clients already discussing their advertising needs, from signage design to building hoardings for the end of the year and the beginning of 2021. Believe us when we say, it pays to get ahead of the competition. The question we’re addressing today however is what people want to see and how we should be adjusting our advertising accordingly. 

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Hit The Ground Running With 4site

With the nation on lockdown, people are spending the majority of their time at home and as a result, online marketing efforts should obviously increase. That being said, it’s not the time to take a back seat with your signage, hoarding or even marketing suite efforts. In fact, the complete opposite. 

Is Your Signage Up To Date?

With a little down time in front of us, it’s a great time to think of signage. Is yours up to date? Is it time for fresher signage? More current signage? It may also be worth considering signage to help clients and staff adhere to social distancing rules which look set to stick around for quite some time.

Does Your Hoarding Display A Current Message?

While traffic, both road and pedestrian, has dropped considerably, there are still cars on the road and there are still people out and about taking their daily exercise. Could your hoarding be doing more for your brand while your construction site has come to a stop? Perhaps addressing the steps you’re taking to help during COVID-19?

Or perhaps even encouraging social distancing, making your brand synonymous with a ‘we’re in this together’ mantra. Now’s also the time to focus on your future hoarding designs. Where do you see your company in 2021? What do you want your message to be? What do you want your clients to see and ultimately desire?

Is Your Marketing Suite Up To Date?

Even when lockdown restrictions are lifted it’s still highly likely that we’ll be encouraged to socially distance where and when possible. Could this be the perfect time to update your marketing suite, incorporating physical clear screens to allow clients and staff to enjoy interacting in a safer environment?

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Contact 4site Implementation Today

While it may feel like the world is on hold, we at 4site Implementation may be able to help. Now is the time to think ahead to consider your future marketing strategies and ensure you hit the ground running when government restrictions are lifted and life begins going back to a new normal.

If you’d like more help with your planning, whether it’s signage, hoarding or any other visual marketing solution, contact us here at 4site Implementation today. Call 01268 540081 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll do all we can to ensure your advertising and marketing during COVID-19 and beyond is the best it can possibly be.

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