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Increase Brand Awareness With Vehicle Livery

Statistics have shown that vehicle livery and vehicle branding can be one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing out there. The cost per impression for some (depending on your location of course) can be off the charts with some experiencing anywhere between 30 and 80 thousands views per day.

Whether you’re looking at car or van branding, your marketing strategy could be instantly transformed and your brand awareness increased hugely with quality vehicle wraps, allowing you to take your vehicle advertising on the road, everywhere you go, 24/7.

Vehicle Livery

The Benefits Of Vehicle Advertising


Cost Effective Advertising 

The statistics surrounding vehicle graphics and vehicle livery is overwhelming positive. The cost-per-impression, over the lifetime of something such as car branding can be pennies. When you compare this to something such as TV or radio, perhaps even some social media marketing and it’s dramatically less.  

 Wide Reaching & Great For Brand Awareness

Vehicle branding is dynamic. Wherever your vehicle or fleet move to, so too does your advertising. Whatever distances you travel, whatever locations you may travel from, to or through, no matter where you go, your vehicle will reach a far wider audience with vehicle livery and it will do so in a way that many other marketing options simply cannot achieve.

Long Lasting Marketing 

When vehicle wraps are placed on your fleet of vehicles professionally, you can expect them to last a number of years, especially with proper maintenance. This won’t just give you an incredible amount of time over which you can push your brand awareness further but it will also provide a quality image for your company with high-end, professionally applied vehicle livery. Potential sales over this time will result in a huge ROI.

Vehicle Livery

More Than One Purpose

While the main purpose for vehicle wraps is of course to market your company, business or service, vehicle wraps also provide fantastic protection for your vehicles too. The wraps themselves will prevent a lot of nicks and scratches that occur from everyday driving. Not only will this give your company vehicles a better quality image but it may may also help increase their resale value.

 24/7 Advertising 

If only people were as efficient as your vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps are always working, always on the clock. From the commute first thing in the morning, throughout the day on site, sitting on your driveway even. They’re always making an impression on passers-by who get to see them. 

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If you’d like more information on our quality vehicle livery services, simply contact us today. Make sure you visit our gallery too where you can see all previous work. Our services are all inclusive so not only will we apply vehicle wraps to your entire fleet but we’ll help you design them to ensure your message is loud and clear. Call 01268 540081 today. 

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