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Why design is the key to solve your problems!

Simplicity works in all forms of communication. Whether you are talking about a pithy advertising slogan that is easy to remember, a great chorus in a pop song that anyone can sing or, in the visual world, a work of art that is immediately accessible, simplicity is often the key to success.

Of course, sometimes visual communications will deliberately go for something more nuanced and complex. 

However, when it comes to professional signage design, it is frequently the case that a simple – even a minimalist – design will win out. This is especially so when it comes to commercial developments.

Read on to find out more about one such case where 4site Implementation has delivered maximum impact by producing a stunningly simple design.

Initial Conceptual Design

To begin with, our design team came up with two conceptual designs from the brief we had been given to offer our client. This offered the client the chance to choose which they thought would work most naturally within their brand identity.

Although both focussed on simplicity, one of these was loved by our client, allowing us to proceed in confidence with the rest of the signage concept. The key thing to learn here is how stopping to check is always beneficial when it comes to making effective signage, especially when it is to be as uncomplicated as possible

Esential Elements of The Design

Secondly, we boiled the concept down to its essential elements so we could communicate the key points our client wanted to convey in the most striking and vibrant graphics possible. High-quality signage was then produced which could be attached to the windows of the units concerned.

We looked at the possibility of producing cut-vinyl graphics for the site’s windows, something that was ultimately viable. Crucially, this allowed the developer to create a compelling message in the very places where they would offer maximum impact. No ‘leap of logic’ was required since the signage made related simply and effectively to the local environment with on-brand messaging throughout.

Bold Messaging

Thirdly, bold messaging making simple statements was deployed to maximise the ‘kerb appeal’ of the signage itself. By using vibrant colours effectively along with strident fonts that were unapologetic in their attention-grabbing nature, so passers-by as well as engaged visitors to the site were able to take on board the key messages our client wanted to put across.

Bespoke Design

In this case, the professional team at 4site Implementation was able to take control of the whole concept, subject to our client’s approval, of course. This meant that everything from the choice of materials to the finished graphics on site were uniform in the messages they were conveying.

It is important to note, however, that since the windows of the site differed in orientation and size, the signage needed to be uniquely produced in order to achieve the degree of uniformity this simple design concept deserved.

Forty Signage Design

To conclude, this case study just goes to show that when messaging is kept to the bare essentials and when bold, bright colours are used effectively that the end result can be incredibly striking and persuasive. In short, simplicity made this promotion stand out from the crowd and we can do the same for you.

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