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The Future of Workplaces & Shops After Coronavirus

At 4Site Implementation, we are delighted to continue to serve the needs of our customers in a changing world. An important part of what we do these days is to help businesses make their workplaces Covid-compliant. As more and more enterprises reopen for business, a key part of their strategy will be restricting numbers of people working in shared environments at the same time.

Then, there are measures like improved ventilation and augmented hand-washing facilities to consider, as well. Of course, social distancing will also need to be maintained – wherever it is practical to do so – too. For large numbers of enterprises, especially those that deal with the public, this means one thing: proper signage design that conveys the right messages in an easy-to-understand format. 

What do you need to know about signage that will help to maintain safe workplaces? Read our handy guide to find out.

Use Signage To Indicate Two-Metre Distancing

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) any place of work, large or small, should encourage workers and visitors to maintain social distancing, ideally at a distance of two meters apart. Floor tape that indicates such a distance is recommended but this is only workable if people are informed that they should stick to these arrangements.

The HSE, therefore, also recommends the use of signage to remind people that they should only occupy their own space and only move from it when an adjacent space is clear. The official guidance also suggests avoiding face-to-face contact which deployed signage should also convey. Of course, we can guide you with obtaining the right sort of signage to meet these social distancing requirements.


Use Signage to Remind People of Hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene in particular, hand washing – is another recommended part of the UK’s strategy for preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus from one person to another. For businesses, the advice is to provide adequate hand-washing facilities for everyone.

Signage that lets people know exactly where to access these facilities is, therefore, advisable. In addition, Covid-compliant signage should be put up to encourage good washing techniques and to remind people to wash their hands thoroughly before returning to their place of work. Again, we have simple signage that everyone can understand just ready to go.

washing hands

Non-Staff Signage

Many businesses will operate in a scaled-down way when they start to reopen. The current government advice is to work from home where it is possible to do so. That said, numerous places of work require attendance.

Employees may well be already aware of the measures that have been put in place to make a workplace as safe as possible through internal communications. However, this won’t be the case for all visitors, such as customers and contractors.

Again, signage is recommended as the principal means of conveying best practices to visitors which they can read even before they enter business premises. According to the HSE, this signage must be highly visual so that people who do not understand English will be able to comprehend it and act accordingly.

For example, where it is recommended that visitors should only enter if they have appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), the signage should convey this pictorially. Whatever, your workplace needs to convey to visitors, we have the appropriate signage for you.

floor stickers

Turn to a Trusted Name

At 4Site Implementation, we design safety signage, install floor stickers, pull-up banners and sneeze guard screens as well as signage that can be tailored to your commercial requirements in the face of the pandemic. We manufacture everything in our own factory.

As such, we are cost-effective, especially if you have a range of different signage requirements. Our signs are suited to all sectors including transportation, retail, construction and offices. Want to discuss your Covid-19 signage with a friendly team of experts? Contact us to 01268 540 081[email protected].

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