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Exhibition Stands Draw The Crowds

Did you know it takes just three seconds for a visitor to walk past your stand at an exhibition? That’s less time than you just took to read that last sentence. And half of the time since you began reading it and just checked.

That means you have a very short window in which to make that all-important initial impact; to showcase your brand, grab their attention and encourage them to stop. Quite a task. Additionally, you’re competing against dozens of other exhibition stands, so you’ll start to understand the magnitude of the task which you and your exhibition stand face.

Exhibition Stands

You need a well made & designed Exhibition Stand!

You need to draw people in to allow you to showcase just why your proposition is different from the others in your market. Business Exhibitions aren’t just about securing new consumers though, they’re also an important factor in both retention of existing clients and brand building for future clients. At 4site, we have first-hand experience of both sides of this equation.

Exhibition Stands Erben

Attracting Future Clients and Brand Building:

In 2005, we were exhibiting at a show at Excel in London when a couple walked onto our stand, introduced themselves and began chatting with us. They were, and still are, the driving force in the Marketing Department of a major property developer and have been in our top 5 clients every year since.

Exhibition Stand Design

The investment in that exhibition stand has paid for itself many times over in the intervening years and we’ve had a similar experience at every exhibition at which we’ve taken a stand since. Attendees at trade shows and exhibitions are there for a reason.

Attracting Unexpected Clients

Even those who just fancied an afternoon out of the office are there because they’re casting around for ideas and contacts for future projects. They had to justify their attendance both to themselves and their boss, so their is a genuine reason for them being there. Above that level are those potential clients who attend as serious and genuine prospects.

Research has found that over 50% of exhibition attendees will buy one or more products and services as a direct result of what they see and experience at the show. There are buying decisions being made, either consciously or subconsciously, all the time. Make sure you’re front-of-mind when those decisions are taken.

Exhibition Stands Kings park

Retaining Existing Clients:

“I notice you weren’t at last week’s trade show” is a refrain that companies hear from time to time. They have been noticed by their absence. Are they still interested? Are they doing ok? Whilst exhibitions are a great way to attract new clients to your business, they are also a terrific way to strengthen relationships with existing clients.

Flip that sentence round to “It was good to see you on our stand at the exhibition last week…” or more importantly “It was great to finally meet you in person at…” and you begin to see the value in the face-to-face contact that an exhibition provides.

Exhibition Stands – Making it fun!

Here at 4site we’ve been creating eye-catching exhibition stands for nearly twenty years and as a result have gained a great insight into creating the perfect design and the elements that go together to make it happen.

A hook, hero or centrepiece is a great way to make your stand appear fun and memorable: from games or props or just something visually stunning. As James Earl Jones would say, “If you build it, people will come”. While we’re talking about films, just check out this striking exhibition we set up for Denham Film Studios to help showcase the works of Stanley Kubrick. Our team worked incredibly hard against the usual tight timescales to ensure that it was “alright on the night”. To find out how we can do the same for you, just contact today.

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