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Different types of commercial buildings need different types of signage. Perhaps you are a facilities manager of a large office block and need a single visual identity for your internal signage for wayfinding but your tenants will all like to put their own stamp on the signage that is used to represent them? Maybe you are a factory or warehouse manager who has a specific need for safety signage to help keep your facility running smoothly without unnecessary incidents? There again, you might run a retail facility, a healthcare centre, a place of education or even a sports centre?

All of these different types of buildings will have their unique signage requirements regardless of the fact that they’re all designed for commercial purposes. Therefore, when coming up with creative signage that is designed to be both eye-catching and informative, it is best to turn to experts who have a broad range of knowledge. That’s something we offer at 4Site Implementation given our expertise with both internal and external signage solutions.

Internal & External

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Most companies which are looking for information signage for a commercial building will want signs that help people when they are moving around inside. They’ll also want coordinating products that are just as effective on the roadside, in the car park and on the outside of the building, too. At 4Site, we do it all. What’s more, we can offer you the benefit of our in-house design team who will work closely with you to develop a suitable signage system. Even better, we produce all of our signage products in-house, too, which means we can work efficiently from the design brief stage right through to installation.

Interim Signage

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Sometimes informative signage is temporary. It might need to convey a change in normal operations or opening hours, for instance. If so, PVC or mesh banners that can be mounted on railings, partitions or even walls for a limited time will make a great deal of sense. Equally, Foamex signage – the sort of thing that estate agents used to promote properties that are for sale – can be used in a raft of other commercial situations as a cost-effective temporary measure. Internally, pull up banners are a good way to notify visitors of any changes that might be in operation. There again, floor stickers are another alternative when it comes to directing people in a direction they might not be used to taking inside.

Permanent Signage

Of course, not all information signage is temporary. Much is designed to be permanently installed. At 4Site, our creative team can get to work to exchange ideas and come up with some thought-provoking proposals for you with a range of signage products. We produce back-lit architectural signs that can include information. As well as lightbox signage and wall graphics, we also produce window graphics that can help you to make use of what would otherwise be dead space. There again, why not ask about our health and safety signage? Although this will need to conform to certain standards, we’ll find a way to co-brand it with your livery colours and logo so it is distinctly and uniquely yours.

Interested in chatting to us about our creative yet commercially aware approaches to information signage? If so, call us on 01268 540081 or email at [email protected] today.

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