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Signage Design For Coronavirus

As lockdowns around the world become more and more confusing and changeable day-by-day, so businesses are gearing up for the necessary measures they’ll need to put in place to remain COVID-secure. 

Of course, these are likely to be very different depending on the industry concerned. Retailers may need to limit numbers in their shops or display new opening hours. Offices may need to accommodate more spacing among workers. 

Showrooms might have to provide clear separation barriers to ensure both employees and visiting members of the public remain apart yet able to communicate.

In the ‘new normal’ that all businesses are adjusting to, there is one range of products that will make all the difference to ensure such measures are both properly understood and adhered to. 

This is, of course, safety signage. As an experienced manufacturer of safety signage for numerous sectors of the economy, 4Site Implementation has the know-how to ensure your COVID-19 signs, strut cards and window stickers all make the right sort of impact. 

We can accommodate all of your signage design needs and offer our expertise to ensure your safety messaging stays on brand. What is on offer?

Safety Signage

Roller Banners

These are free-standing information displays that can be taken up and down as required. They are frequently used to indicate the sort of changing hygiene measures that might need to be adhered to in washroom or toilet facilities, for example. 

Perhaps you have a site office or showroom where you want to place temporary signage that indicates where staff may wash or use the toilet and where visitors can go. 

Roller banners are the ideal sort of signage for this type of application because they can be printed in your corporate colours while conveying safety messages and they can also be placed just where they need to be to get the attention they deserve, from stairwells to reception areas.

Wall-Mounted Signage/Graphics

There may be situations where a free-standing sign is inappropriate, perhaps because it causes a potential trip hazard or could block an emergency exit. 

In cases like this, wall-mounted safety signage or graphics will be a more appropriate option. Our COVID-19 compliant safety signage is designed and made in-house. We have the know-how to produce the graphical information in the right way to ensure your safety information meets all the statutory regulations. 

This is important when COVID-specific instructions are being conveyed on the same sign that also needs to convey statutory information, such as a requirement to wear hard hats or where the nearest fire exit is, for instance.

Safety Signage

Strut Cards

These are lightweight signs that are designed to be placed on workstations, desks, bars and other areas where people are at work. They can be printed with unique designs, typically in A4 and A5 formats, that help people to remember social distancing rules are in operation.

 Use them to direct people to the nearest place they can obtain service or simply to tell them that a particular workstation is not in use and they must find another one.

Want to chat about the current crop of safety signage that will help your workplace to be fully COVID-secure? Call us on 01268 540 081 or email us [email protected].

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